Photo I just got a 6 month old male and we all love him very much and he's just a great dog.. the only pro

Give him or her a bath. I advise talking to a vet. They have special shampoos for that and perhaps your dog smelling bad, could or may be a medical disease. but talk to a vet. they would know for sure

Photo Hi, I live in an apartment with no yard, although there is a dog run a few blocks away, but I also w

A French Bulldog snoring is more prominent than not, if you have a problem with the snoring or any breathing deficiencies then I suggest they are not the breed for you. If French Bulldogs are left alo

Photo Hi, I'm just thinking about getting a French Bulldog. How well do they get along with cats?

I have a ten year old cat and a 1 1/2 year old french bulldog. from my own experience, there was some jealousy when he was a puppy, and they did not have anything to do with each other. now, after abo

Photo I have a six month old female french. I've been feeding her as much as she wants, but she's still o

I would first recommend taking her stool sample to a vet to have them check for intestinal parisites and possibly giardia, coccidia, etc. I work for a vet so I know that a lot of puppies get these typ

Photo I have an 11 month old french who has not gone into heat. Any ideas. Whats the average age for fre

you did not specify male or female. female can be reproductive as early as 5-6 months but that is not a good sign if she is still not reaching the appropriate weight of over 10 kg. Male shud only be

Photo I'm thinking of using one of the topical flea and tick prevention treatments but don't know any fb o

We had to call an exterminator to kill fleas and eggs in house and then treated the yard. Also go the flea pills for the dogs instead of topical medicine.

Photo when do french bulldog puppies ears stand up
Photo Could you please help me with reasons and solutions for a frenchbulldog that stays indoors having ra

It may be the dog food. Try a grain free dog food such as Blue Buffalo

Photo I have my first litter of puppies and one if the puppies one ear is still hanging down. Can you tell

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