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(Epagneul Francais) The French Spaniel is a proud and well structured dog. The eyes of the French Spaniel tend to be somewhat long and are often a dark amber in color. The ears of this breed are set back. The tail of the French Spaniel is not docked, but is instead of a full length. The coat on this dog tends to be dense and is resistant to water. Feathering is typically present on the belly, earns, tail and backs of the legs. Most French Spaniels have a white coat with liver markings. The markings can be large or small and are often irregular in size. There may also be speckling on this breed of dog. Of all the spaniel breeds, the French Spaniel is the tallest. One of the most interesting aspects of the French Spaniel is its ability to adapt to both cold and warm climates. The French Spaniel is believed to have originally been bred as a hunting dog and is quite versatile. This is a god that is adaptable and will hunt both on water as well as on land. They are perfectly capable of adapting to a variety of different types of terrain.

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This is a very calm and well mannered dog that is often noted for its intelligence. The French Spaniel is also known for becoming very devoted to its owners. This breed of dog is one which lives for pleasing its owners and consequently, it does not do well when left alone. Due to the fact that they do well with children, they make excellent family pets. This is a dog that accepts training well, but owners should be aware that this dog can be intimidated rather easily. As a result, this dog does best with training methods that are consistent, firm and gentle. Harsh training methods or inconsistencies will not work well with this breed of dog. French Spaniels are revered for their hunting skills and they will perform well in situations where they can hunt in the water as well as over a variety of different terrains. They also have an excellent sense of smell.

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21-24 inches
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44-60 pounds
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General Health

Overall, the French Spaniel enjoys relatively good health. Owners should be on the look out for problems such as hip dysplasia, which is a relatively common health problem with many breeds. Owners should also take care to check the ears of this breed often. When given proper care, exercise and provided with frequent check-ups, this dog should enjoy an average life expectancy of about ten to twelve years.

Although rare, this breed may suffer from eye problems. This breed is believed not to be prone to hip dysplasia.

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The French Spaniel is part of the German Small Munsterlander family and is also related to the Dutch Partridge Dog. Like other spaniels, this dog originated as a pointer. During the 17th century, the French Spaniel was used largely as a game bird hunting dog. Later, the population of this breed began to decrease as a result of competition with similar English breeds. There was actually a time when this breed was practically on the verge of extinction. During the 19th century, the French Spaniel was later revived. The first standard for the breed was introduced in 1891. Today, the breed remains somewhat rare even in its home country of France. In the 1970s, the French Spaniel was introduced in Quebec, Canada. In the last three decades it has since become a popular hunting dog in Canada.

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The coat on the French Spaniel requires brushing twice per week to keep it looking its best. When necessary, this dog may need to be dry shampooed or bathed, particularly if the dog has been outside playing or hunting. This is not a dog that is a heavy shedder. It should be noted that the French Spaniel will need to have its ears checked on a regular basis. This is particularly important if the dog has been outside in brushy areas.

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Ideal Environment

The best environment for this dog is one in which it has plenty of opportunity for exercise. As a result, this dog should be in an environment in which it can have ample opportunity for roaming, such as with a large secured yard. They should also be provided with plenty of opportunity for hunting, as this is what they were bred for. Due to the fact that this dog can be somewhat easily intimated, it should be with an owner that is gentle and loving. This dog cannot be left on its own for long periods of time. It requires love and attention. This is not a dog that will do well as an apartment dweller. It absolutely must have room to roam. When this does is indoors, it tends to be quite active. The French Spaniel will do well in conditions that are damp and cold.

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