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(German Hunting Terrier) (Deutscher Jagdterrier) (Jagdterrier) The German Hunt Terrier is a small, perky terrier with lots of personality.  A round head leads to their medium-length rectangular muzzle.  Large round eyes and sweet expressions can make any owner be under their control.  Small folded ears sit on top of their head.  A skinny neck leads to their narrow chest and shoulders and their sunken stomach.  Thin legs lead to small rabbit-shaped feet.  Covering their body is sleek fur which is short and similar to a Doberman Pinscher’s.  Even the color looks like a Doberman’s, because it is black and tan.

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It's coat should be harsh and rough like that of other wire-haired terriers.

Rough, broken and smooth coats are all acceptable in this breed.

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Cheerful and energetic, the German Hunt Terrier is a wonderful companion.  Strangers and family will receive love from this wonderfully friendly dog that never gets enough attention.  However, they need to be used for hunting, not just as a pet, because without that mental and physical stimulation they will never be calm indoors.  This breed always seems happy and is never aggressive.

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16 inches
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20-22 pounds
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General Health

The German Hunt Terrier is a very healthy breed with no genetic health concerns.  This breed usually lives between 10 to 15 years.

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While many dog breeds have been around for thousands of years, the German Hunt Terrier was actually only developed around 1900.  The breed’s development was to create a very functional dog who would be an ideal companion for hunters and who could be used to track down boars, badgers, and weasels.  In more recent years, the breed has crossed the Atlantic and has been used by North American hunters for cornering squirrels and raccoons.

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Grooming is extremely easy on this short haired dog.  Brushing to remove dead hair and to keep their coat shiny should be done once every week or two.  Other than simple brushing, no other grooming is needed.  Exercise is the most important aspect of caring for the German Hunt Terrier.  With so much energy, this breed should be walked and allowed to run off leash every day.  Also doing intense exercise, such as hunting, will keep them from becoming bored and anxious in the home.

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Ideal Environment

The German Hunt Terrier is a great dog that requires more exercise than most breeds.  Friendly and social with all people and animals, this breed loves giving and receiving love and attention.  Apartments are not suited for this breed because they need a yard and like to play indoors.  This breed is also not suited for elderly owners because of their high energy.  Hunting or some kind of work is required to keep this breed calm indoors and not anxious, so this breed is not good for owners just looking for a pet.  However, if you want an easy to train breed, German Hunt Terriers are perfect.

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