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(Deutsch Langhaar) (German Long-Haired Pointing Dog)The German Longhaired Pointer is a happy and cheerful looking dog.  A large square head leads to their square muzzle.  Round attentive eyes give this breed an appearance of curiosity and intelligence.  Long floppy ears dominant their head and hang down to their neck.  A short thick neck leads to their broad shoulders and deep chest.  Muscular legs which are covered in long flowing hair end with furry rabbit-shaped feet.  Covering their body is short to medium length fur that is soft and thick on their ears, legs, and tail but short on their back.  Their coat can be dark brown with patches of light brown or brown with white patches on the chest and feet.

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The German Longhaired Pointer is an extremely friendly and energetic breed.  Great with family, strangers, and children this breed just loves all people and people love them.  Plus, this breed loves to play with other dogs and have dog companions.  Intelligence is their main asset which helps them hunt as well as excel in training.  Unlike many intelligent breeds, they want to please their family and listen to their directions.  This breed is a great pet, but they need a job to do or they will be unhappy.

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23-28 inches
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60-70 pounds
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General Health

The German Longhaired Pointer has no genetic diseases and are very healthy because they are not over bred.  Ear infections can occur but only if you do not clean their ears often.  This breed has a life expectancy of 12-14 years.

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The German Longhaired Pointer was bred in Germany several centuries ago.  As the name suggests, the breed was first used as a pointer but its slow speed did not make it very useful to hunters so it was eventually bred with setters and other types of pointers so that by the 1800’s the breed was much more efficient in the field.  The breed standard for the German Longhaired Pointer was written in 1878 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Grooming the German Longhaired Pointer is easy and requires very little time and energy for the owners.  Brushing once every couple of weeks will keep their coat in top condition.  Exercise is a different story because this is a hunting/working dog so it should be able to run every day as well as go hunting.

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Ideal Environment

The best place for a German Longhaired Pointer is in the country with a fun and active family.  This breed is very social with all people as well as with other dogs.  To keep this breed happy more exercise than most owners can handle is needed but the best exercise is hunting which will keep them thinking and fit.  However, they can do many other types of work, such as agility and obedience trials, and excel at them all.  So if you have an active family, this may be the best breed for you.

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