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(Standard Pinscher)When you see a German Pinscher for the first time, you may think it is a miniature Doberman Pinscher but they have many differences in appearance and obviously in size.  Small and round, their head leads to a tiny narrow muzzle.  Small round eyes can barely be seen on their face.  Sitting on top of their head are two ears which, like Doberman’s, can be natural or cropped.  A long neck leads to their sleek elegant body.  Thin tiny legs lead to very small round feet.  Covering their body is short sleek fur that comes in one common color variety which is black with brown, but brown, fawn, red, and brown with white markings are also acceptable.

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Experience is what an owner needs to take care of this willful and often overly protective dog.  Family members need to be dominant or the dog will become the leader and often snap at the family around their toys or food.  This breed can also be aggressive with dogs and when outside they will chase small animals.  Children and weak owners will not be good with this breed.  Barking will occur often to protect their family from what they think is dangerous or threatening. 

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16-19 inches
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25-35 pounds
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General Health

The German Pinscher is a very healthy breed that does not have many common diseases.  Plus, these hardy breeds live an average life of 12-14 years.

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The German Pinscher is actually an ancestor of both the Miniature Pinscher and the Doberman Pinscher.  However, it was originally created to kill rats for farmers.  IN 1879, the German Pinscher was officially labeled a breed.  Because the breed is also closely related to some Schnauzers, only dogs which could proof they came from three generations of pure German Pinscher litters were able to be registered.

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Grooming the German Pinscher is very simple because of their clean sleek coat.  Brushing can be done occasionally to keep their coat shiny and sleek.  Exercise is very important to keep them calm indoors.  Long runs, jogs, or walks can make them extremely happy.  Also letting them run off leash in a yard can keep them under control inside.

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Ideal Environment

The German Pinscher is a small dog, but they definitely cannot be treated like a baby because they will become the leader.  Children, animals, and strangers will not be treated kindly especially if they are around the dog’s family.  Overly protective and often yappy, this dog will not be a good match for most families.  Experience is needed to truly control this breed.  With lots of exercise, they can calmly live in an apartment without any anxiety.

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