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Hello, I need some advice. My one year old bullmastiff female barked and growled at my 18 month old daughter the other day. Dutchess (the dog) was laying down, and my daughter did something, I am not sure what, I didnt see; that made her bark and growl. The thing is, we have had Dutchess since she was 8 weeks old, so she is very familiar with my daughter and plays with her all the time. Chances are, my daughter was trying to pull her eyelids open or look at her teeth while she was sleeping or laying down, she does this to them often. :) We have another female BM as well. She plays with them like this all the time, and they never get upset, so I am concerned. Another point is that Dutchess had just started her period and was in heat, so I am wondering if that had something to do with it? She is a great dog, but I dont want to ignore a tendancy if that is what she has. These are my first BM's, so I am not completely familiar with their temperment.

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Advice: Try the Dominating Roll Over.. Let me explain. You get on the dog rolling her over with you stratling her, hold her mouth with one hand while keeping your head back, let her know that you are the Alpha "saying no bite", remain on her until she becomes domicile... This may seem crazy as her size being so large however this should work after continual conditioning. You should start this when your BM is very young however if you didn't do this, you need to start... Our experience we currently have two currently have 2 BM one female (Mali) 6 months and one male ( Zadik) 10 13/4 months old, we also have a Shitzu Tzu all purebred . We've had two other BM ie Mica and Vashti and a Min Pin.... All have been BOTH AWESOME DOGS that loved children and other dogs.... When we got our first BM 10 years ago we used the "Dominating Roll Over" and it has "ALWAYS" worked.. Try it. Also never ever no matter what kid of dog you have leave it alone with your kids...Ever.. I hope this helps...

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