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Hi, I have been wanting a rottie and now my kids are planning to get me a female for mothersday. I should be excited, but reading about being the dominate one is scaring me. I just want a dog as a loving companion and not a yapping small loving pest. LOL. Dont get me wrong I love small dogs too but, i am afraid i wont be a dominate one and i need help on how to be the dominate one lol. I am so easy going and want to know should I even bother to get this breed. Keep in mind i always wanted one since my twenties. Thanks

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The best one to get if you are wanting a rott is to get a male. Because a male will take up to a female owner where a female will take up to a male owner i know this sounds crazy but I have a 7 yr old rott that has nothing to do with me unless it is time to eat and i also have a 8 month old female which in turn i can say is my dog she has nothing to do with my husband she is the daughter of my 7 yr old but i hand feed her from the begining i wanted a male because there is a closer bond but my dog only had females. But a male is the way to go he will be protective but you will still be the dominate one of the house i know this was long but i hope this helps out

Don't get a rotty! They're not for first time dog owners! They can be very head strong and need firm handling. Unless you understand dog behavour i.e. pack mentality, and how to socialise them properly at an early age, including proper basic training ect then i would strongly advise not to get one. Why don't you go to you're local rescue centre and they'll be able to advise you on the wright dog for you. Good luck hope this helped.

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