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I'm thinking about a Welsh Terrier for a companion. I have just fell in love with this breed. I have one concern, Just how active are they or can be? Are they abe to be laid back inside the home? I have no problem with daily walking and some play time with my companion and taking class. I do have a medium size fence in yard. Also a 16 year old. I just want to make sure this breed will not be too much for me. Oh. this will be my first time owning a dog. I don't want to buy on looks. thanks

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Our Welsh "Velvet" was an outstanding pet. Active and fun outdoors but loving and quiet inside. She loved the occasional game of tug (like most terriers) which could be played inside or out, and would fetch until your arm fell off. She was both gentle and protective with my 3 yr old son and it gave me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that she was helping us look out for him. If she had one flaw, it would be that she was quite the escape artist. Being both extremely athletic and exceptional diggers, a Welsh that has a desire to roam can be hard to keep at home. She could go over a 4 foot fence with ease and dig under a cinder block wall if given a small amount of time. But overall, Velvet was far and away one of the best dogs that ever came into our lives.

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