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I've been thinking about buying a Rottweiler. Do they get a long with cats?

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No, generally rotties do not like cats

Rottie's generally don't like cats, but I had a 6 year old Rottie that hated all the cats he would encounter or see outside. My son came home with a 7 week old kitten, my Rottie could've cared less about the kitten in the house. The kitten was very afraid of him but learned to love him. When the cat was 6 mos. he got out and we thought he was lost my Rottie (Krom) wouldn't leave the windows he kept looking for his little buddy. Thankfully the cat returned some 14 hours later. They slept together, played chase in the house and even drank out of the same water bowl. I never thought Krom would tolerate a cat in the house because of the way he hated the outside ones. We called them Big Brother and little annoying brother. Krom passed away in Nov. 2008 and my poor cat was lost without him, so I rescued a 1 1/2 year old Rottie some months later. She gets along with the cat fine, same as Krom did. If your cat is older you will have a problem with the cat accepting the new addition of a dog. Rottie's have a bad rep with most, but they are very gentle/loving and want to be lap dogs. They are very protective of their territory and family. Hope this is helpful in your decision.

rottweilers get along with cats very well...if you train them to were they dont dislike rottweiler loves my cat and even plays with him....he show no sign of wanting to harm him:)

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