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I am planning buying a 4 month rotti i currently live in a small flat near to parks woods etc moving later in the year. Is it easier to teach good behaviour from a younger age?

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I have an almost two year old rottie and a 6 month old rottie. When we got our female, we were not home much and did not get to teach her much obedience. Now that I am home, I have tried, but it is difficult because naturally they are hard headed. I have since gotten a male, and I can promise, teaching him since day one...he picked up on everything. Guess she got by with so much in the know the story.

A dog of any age can be taught anything, all you need is a gentle hand, an alpha attitude and patience.

Yes. Teaching a puppy at a younger age like a few weeks old will be much easier. But a 4 month is okay. Just a little more work. It can learn the rules faster and better when its young.

Just like a baby. If you teach it when it's young and go really straight on it. It will know that behaving badly is wrong. If you want to teach it to have a good behaviour, you shouldn't let it do whatever it wants. Don't let it make a bad habit.

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