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I have a 10-11month old male GS who just start to favor his right front leg. It is apparent that he has discomfort as when he sits he will raise that leg as to take the pressure off. He limps, not bad and not all the time, when he walks. It is not sore to the touch and he runs just fine. In the recent past I was working with my in-laws female GS who seemed to develop the same limp and problem. I am wondering if this is normal for GS's and other large breed dogs, and that maybe he is just experiencing growing pain. Please help.

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Whenever a dog is limping or showing sign of discomfort it is definitely NOT normal. It's possible your pup might have injured himself on something, or perhaps he has a piece of gravel stuck between his paw pads. If you live in a cold region he may even have an ice ball stuck in the pads of his foot, which can be very painful. I advise you check his paws for any foreign objects that may be causing the discomfort. If not, your dog may have a more serious injury and it might be safer if you take him to the veterinarian to have him examined. I hope this information helps.

My GSD started to limp at around 5 mos of age. After seeing several vets we discovered he has elbow dysplasia. Just keep that in mind if you rule out injury.

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