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I have a 15-week-old GSP male. He weights 18 pounds at this moment. After reading many posts online it seems to me that he's fairly small for his age. We feed him 3 times a day a cup of Innova for puppies. Is his weight correct or not? Thanks!

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We have raised several GSP from puppy to adult. If your dog is properly wormed, and has a good diet, there is not much need for worry. BEWARE--every young male GSP I have ever seen was so active that if allowed to run freely, there was absolutely no way that weight could be kept on. The active nature of these dogs converts everything they eat into either energy or muscle when they are young, but tends more toward muscle as they mature. Ours have always matured into nothing short of brute strength. As they age, they tend to settle down and mellow out, but will surprise you with moments of almost puppy like vigor. You have a great friend, cherish him.

Another word of advice from my last response. It seems that chewing brings some sort of great joy and accomplishment to the GSP. Chewing also translates into the use of energy and muscle creation. It will be a frustrating thing to correct, but if you don't, you can plan on replacing things that you don't want chewed up. My son has a 18 month old male that can destroy a lawn tractor tire chew toy in DAYS. This dog has grown into a brute with regard to muscle tone, and if allowed to do so, he is so active that my son cannot keep weight on him.

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