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I have a welsh terrier pup - almost five months old. After having her for a couple of weeks I noticed she was scratching incessantly. Vet diagnosed her with mange and said she got it from where she was bred. She was treated and is now mange free but still scratches a lot. Vet said she might have food allergies. Does anyone else have a welsh with food allergies?

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Yes I do! Thanks for the question. My dog's suffering just like yours! I even had to shave her to the skin, and I found she had fleas, lots and lots of fleas. Anyway, she's doing fine now, and I hope your pup gets better too!

My welsh has food allergies and once I switched him to Hypoallergenic food the itching stopped. Hope this helps

My Welsh is 10 years old and has had skin problems since he was 18 months old. He has flea allergy and atopica (environmental allegeries). I've had him on allergy shots, tavist, skin supplements, you name it. Now he is borderline Cushings Syndrome too. But we love him dearly and he is a great dog.

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