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I just got a 4 year old female chihuahua. Chichuahuas are kind of very nervous dogs and bark even to their shadow. Mine doesn't bark at all! Is this a problem?

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hi, i adopted a 7 month chi a month ago and just heard him bark for the first time. his bark was in response to a visiting dog next door that was barking. i believe that you have a well adjusted dog who will bark as she sees necessary. count your blessings. from what i know, any dog can be a barker and it can be a bad habit.

Mine won't bark either LOL. I try to get her to bark but she won't . She will whimper when she wants something instead. I have knocked on the door loudly amongst other things but she just wont bark.. I dont think this is a problem. Some dogs (regardless of breed) just wont bark.

My little female will be 4 in October. She was a stray I rescued and she doesn't bark either. She, too, barely whimpers and makes little sounds when she is excited or wants something, but no barks! However, if she is hurt or afraid, she does let out this ear-piercing, yelping scream. My husband thinks that she may have been punished for barking in the past. I hope that this isn't true. I have heard that barking is a learned behavior from other dogs. I am wondering if our dogs just never learned to bark?

I would stop trying to get your dog to bark it isa flood gate best left closed at times.count your blessings.

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