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I recently got a 6 wk old rott puppy. I have 2 young children and was wondering if these dogs are good with kids. I have had so many people ask me what i was thinking getting a dog like this and they also say that she will turn on me and my kids and hurt them when she gets older. Is this possible?

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Hi Katie. First of all your puppy is only 6 weeks old? Hmmm...It hasn't had the time to learn important things from its mother and littermates like biting and playing. Your gonna have a lot of work to do. But, what people are telling you about the Rottie turning on you is not true. ONLY would that be true if your dog is not well trained,not handled frimly, and allowed on the couch or bed. I have been studying dominant dog breeds for 7 years now and I know that when a dog is at your level like its head is where your head is or higher the dog will think its equal to you or that its alpha. YOU MUST BE THE ALPHA IN YOUR PACK! The children must also be in a higher ranking than the dog. Rotties are wonderful comapnions for children, Again WHEN PROPERLY TRAINED. I would suggest getting help from a professional trainer. Rotties as puppies are VERY mouthy and bity and a little growly. YOU MUST STOP IT IMMEDIATELY. You can try yelling OWW! in a high pitched loud voice...if it doesn't work within 4 or 5 times try something else. Playtime stops when biting begins. Get up and leave the room. If that doesn't work: now I know this is going to sound harsh but I LEARNED THIS FROM MANY PROFESSIONAL TRAINERS: grab the puppy by the skin on the back of its neck and shove it into the floor, do this with a little force no too much because you don't want to hurt him/her. This is exactly what another dog would do if the puppy was getting too rough. Again I suggest you do lots of research and consult a professional trainer. Untill then I hope this will do. -SAIGE

This response is absolutely correct. I haven't had any experience training dogs other than my own rottie. He is almost a year and a half now and he is amazing. I also got him at six weeks. I would trust him with a child if I had one. Dominance is a must! Your dog must know that you make and enforce the rules. I had never heard of it before as being a method of training, but the grabbing of the skin on the back of the neck is very effective. It is how I trained my rottie. It worked wonderfully too. It is simply how a dog would be corrected in a pack. My Moses is obedient and responsive to my voice. He knows I am in charge and he does not test me. The method of training sounds rough but I assure you it is ok. My rottie (Moses) knows I'm in charge but at the same time he is confident and never winces as though he thinks he is going to be struck or something. Also, I would like to emphasize over and over... If you train your rottie effectively the last thing on your mind will ever be it turning on you or a family member. I would trust my life with my rottie. Any of my friends or family members would say the same. After the year and a few months of having my rottie I could care less if I ever own another breed.

I agree with the girl who said 6 weeks is young. That is an important age for learning behaviors. However Our first rottie we got was 6 weeks also when we got her. And she turned out just fine. She was an awesome dog. Don't listen to people who dont know what they are talking about. They listen to stories and think all the breed is like that. You definately will want to do some training classes with her. They are a stubborn breed and grow quite large so you'll want to make sure you have her well trained. I hate when people say stupid things like they will hurt your child. Our dog would have given her life for one of us. They are definately whats called a mouthy breed. Love to have your whole arm in their mouth. Id suggest stopping it imediately because it scares a lot of people and its not really something you want to do. I also agree with the way to stop the mouthing. Our rottie was trained by a professional who had many years experience working with these breeds and ours was a little fresh inthe begining, not having spent time with her mom to learn its not ok to bite like that. Either hold them down like another dog would do, or pick them up by the cruff. Give a firm no. And end the play time. These dogs are very intelgent and learn very quickly. As a working breed they love a job and get bored and thats when any unwanted behavior will happen. i suggest maybe getting a harness and teaching it to pull and it can have a job of pulling a wagon for your children and to help you around the yard. Itll be fun and helpful for you and fun for the dog. Again... great choice for a family pet!! And get her to some puppy classes to help you out with socializing and training. You will LOVE having her around. And you will always feel safe with your rottie friend by your side!!

I have had a rott for six years and she is great! you just have to lay down the law. you probaly dont want to get a male. i say this with experince.

your pup will be fine as long as you watch the kids that they dont get to ruff or be crewl to the pup make sure you train your pup and you will be fine i have a 4 month old rottweiler and my kids ages are 2 and 4 and she is fine with them this is not my first rottweiler i have had them before they are easy to train they are very smart they are very loyal they love being with you all the time they love going for walks going to the beach and they love lots of cuddles and getting lots of nice treats when they do good thinds

Katie, with the proper trining you will be fine. you should have nothing to worrie about. Read all you can about Rottweiler and training them. if this is done right you will have one of the best pets you'll ever have, and will have, no to mention the best baby sitter in the world.

i have 2 rottys and m/f my 2kids get on very well with the dogs rottys r grat famly dogs ur kids will b ok x

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