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Im looking into adopting an English Mastiff who is 21 months old and only 165lbs. Do you think this dog will fill out more? About how much more weight do you think he might gain?

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Most large breed dogs reach their top height by 18 months of age. They don't normally put on the weight they will be until 3 years of age.

My male Mastiff reached his mean weight of 170lbs at about 18 months, he will be 4yrs in july. He is in perfect height/weight proportion and is still quite active and playful. I am hoping this may be a blessing in disguise, perhaps extending his life span a year or two

Ours was fully grown at about 2 years old but he filled out until he was 3. He probably put on an additional 20 pounds as he got more massive and thick.They are the best dogs.

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