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Im think about getting a GSP. But i've read they don't like to be left alone. I work an 8 hour day. I have a big yard where the dog could roam while im gone. Do you think thats to long of a time for them to be alone?

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Build a kenel to leave your dog in while your gone. We live in the country and can leave our shorthair out and she will never run off. We started her in the kenel to be safe and went from there.A young dog will tear your yard up sometimes if they are bored. In the kenel give the the dog something that has your smell on it , sometimes that has a calming effect on your dog.

our dog is left a couple days a week for 8 hours, our garden is quite small but he has our other maltese x with him, and we take him for a walk in the morning before we leave and give him a bone and hide food around the garden. hes been completely fine so far :) good luck

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