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My 7-month-old English Mastiff weighs about 65 pounds. Is this average for her age? My vet told me he doesn't think she'll get bigger than 100 pounds, but I am hoping that she more than doubles this weight. Any thoughts?

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My female ranged between 165 and 200 lbs. They are not full grown until 2-3 years old.

My female english puppy is just below 100lbs at 8 months.... The vet told us to expect 130 as an adult minimum.

You need to look at the size of her sire & dam and others in her lineage... That will be the best indication of the eventual size of your pup.

My female english mastiff is 5 months old and about 75 lbs Her dam was 160+ and her sire was 220lbs. I have been told she might end up around 180 or 190 lbs when she is done.

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