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My wife wants to get a Mastiff and I would like to get a Husky. Would this be a problem to get both? And if I would get both which should I get first or does it not matter?

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I think that is a good idea to get both, however you should reasurch each breed before you get them, although the husky may have more energy than the mastiff. I have a mastiff and a whimerwiner and they love playing together.

I do not usually resond to these things, but I was in a very similar situation. I wanted a mastiff but my husband thought it would be too big. We ended up with huskies because my husband thought they were cool dogs. We did research the breed but after personal experience, I have found that not all of the research provided a true representation of what you will get with a husky, hence my response. I now have two adult huskies and an English Mastiff puppy. Really research the breeds because they are VERY different. The huskies need a lot of exercise and the mastiff needs a lot of sleep. : ) Huskies are truly excape artists so you need to consider yard containment. We tried the invisible fence (the real brand, not a knock off) and the huskies ran through the highest setting after months of training. They are stubborn and want nothing more than to run. The mastiff puppy stays in the yard without any containment. A four foot fence will likely be ineffective with a husky because they can jump it, so a six foot fence is a must. However, they will dig under it. They will also dig holes everywhere in your yard. They are more challenging to potty train than a mastiff, at least in my experience. My mastiff puppy was fully potty trained and able to hold it through a full work day at 13 weeks. My huskies took quite a bit longer. Don't get me wrong, I love huskies, but you really need to know what you are getting. Huskies will be destructive when left alone. I would not recommend getting one husky by itself because they get bored quickly, so you will want more than one dog, whatever they may be. My dogs all play well together but they have very different needs. Lastly, you need to know that huskies produce a LOT of fur. They experience the typical two major sheddings per year, but they really do shed constantly. Be prepared for regular trips to the groomer if you are not prepared to do weekly baths and brushings. Buy a Furminator. We have hard wood floors and have to vacuum daily in order to keep the fur under control. Your mastiff will need to be groomed but it won't need nearly as much. Huskies and mastiffs are both great dogs but their needs are very different. If you want a laid back dog, do not get the husky. My oldest is almost four and still acts like a puppy. My mastiff puppy already seems like an adult. Best of luck with your dog endeavors!

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