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The rottweiller we adopted 6 weeks ago has a clean bill of health from her vet check and was spayed 3 weeks ago. Ever since we got her she has been licking her legs and paws. We thought it was nervousness at first but she is very well settled now. She still licks and scratches constantly but has no fleas or obvious irritation and has been bathed with a gentle dog shampoo. I have heard that it may be skin allergies and that Benadryl may help. Is this a good idea to try?

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Benadryl is okay to give to your rottie, I have given it to my rotties for years. If your not sure on how much, call your vet and they can tell you how much to give.

My rotty had problems with licking his paws and itchy skin too. My vet gave pills, creams and even changed his diet several times, nothing worked. So i done a little research online for natural remedies and found that fish oil is good for the skin. I've now been giving my boy pure salmon oil capsules every other day and within a few days his ithching and licking stopped and never returned!

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