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We are talking to a breeder now and are getting ready to get our first mastiff(s). We have had greyhounds and great danes in the past and always at least 2. I would like to get two masiff puppies (one for each of my sons and so that the dogs have companions in addition to our family). But, it appears that most people that discuss getting mastiffs only get one. Is two at the same time too much?

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I can't truly tell you what it is like to have 2 mastiffs. I only have 1 (5 months old) and another dog thats about 100 pounds. I would love to have 2 of them though. She is so sweet and one of the best dogs I have had. Just don't expect much of a pretty yard.

From my experience, my ONE Mastiff takes a great deal of attention. He is a part of the family and would rather be with us than my poodle. They are famiy dogs.

Yes 2 mastiff puppies at once is alot to handle. I'm speaking from experience on this. Mastiff puppies need alot of one on one. When there is more than one they tend to focus on each other instead of on their human family which makes training harder. If you do want more than one I would suggest waiting until the first one is at least 6-8 months old or older before adding another one to the family.

we have 2 mastiff sisters...aquired only 6 days apart. we have no regrets!!!! we do not show these dogs...just love them to death!!! they have brought us much joy. as a matter of fact we are seriously considering getting one more!!! they have 13 brothers and sisters that will be ready in mid-june...thinking of a boy this time. my hubby would like to have 2 more!!!

I currently have 2 mastiff's - my male is 3 yrs and my female is 1 1/2 - they are great together and help keep each other amused BUT they both require lots of human attention so I spend lots of time with a hand on each dog giving them a scratch - can't scratch one without the otherAlthough it is a fair amount of work for 2 - they are wonderful dogs and I wouldn't give either one up.

I have only one but I can tell you that the way to get the maximum potential out of your mastiff is to make him a part of the family. They are extremely affectionate in an almost 'human' way (if I'm sitting on the sofa, Gabriel will place his elbows on my shoulders, lays his head next to mine and press his chest against mine, this is his 'hug'!) another dog does not take the place of their humans--the relationships are very different (the humans must always be the 'Alphas'). So please, no matter how many dogs you get, never let them think for a moment that they aren't the most important dogs in your life, with all the love and attention of a cherished family member, after all, this is what makes their lives complete. This is true for all dogs but especially the giant breeds--we are blessed with precious little time to care for them!

I currently have a 7.5 month old male English Mastiff pup who is nearing 125 lbs. My father accompanied me to pick the pup out when he was 4 weeks old, and fell in love with one of the other pups. We ended up getting 2 at the same time, and while we don’t live together, the weekends that I visit my parents are extremely busy. Mastiff pups require a great deal of attention! And don’t be taken in by descriptions of Mastiffs being lazy. Mastiff pups are still definitely puppies. They tend to sleep quite a lot, but when they are active, they are very active! The two pups most definitely entertain each other quite a bit, but when you have two 120 lb pups entertaining each other in the living room, the space gets smaller rather quickly. I would probably recommend staggering your pups by 8-10 months if at all possible.

I bought one then a tear later bought another and even thinking about a third. great dogs!You need lots of sofa room.beware of knee injuries though like a torn ACL my male had two $3,200 surgeries.Glad he only has two knees

The comment I heard before a Mastiff " you don't own a Mastiff, they own you" a year later rings very true. Our Mastiffs (4 of them from almost a year to 4 years) Demand, and yes I mean demand attention, and they get. They are the most loveable, friendly, just want to be with you dog I have ever in my life been around. We have invited friends to meet the adults before getting one of their own. The pup will honestly walk up to you and sit on your feet and lean on you to get attention, they think they are lap dogs. And another saying is, a bored mastiff is a destructive mastiff, and this is oh so true............. Our Mastiffs are strictly outside dogs, the females, even full litter mates, are more aggresive towards each other, in fact we can not keep two of them together. The oldest female does not deal well with either of the two girls. Our male has the same attitude as two of the females, very laid back, excellent temperment, any one can do anything to them. Mine do not like cats, Love people and can be lead anywhere by a very young child, even with out a leash. They are very smart and learn very quickly. I think it is all in what they are raised with from day one and how they are treated, But the do DEMAND lots of attention, every day. They want you. Mine would also help a thief load up the car, and then growl as they are leaving!

I have 2 mastiffs, we have brindle male that is actually going to be 11yrs old this Thanksgiving, and wow what a wonderful dog he has been. We also just added a fawn female to our family now. We got her in Feb, and i can tell you that i LOVE having 2 of these wonderful animals!!! I will always have 2, the saying is, that mastiffs are like potato chips you cant just have one!!! You just might want to get one for now, and then once the housebreaking and some training are put into place then add another, that way you wont be so overwhelmed. These wonderful dogs need to have alot of attention, and an strong handler!!! Good luck with your babies, and i am sure you will fall in love with this breed!!!

I only have one, but would love to get another, My advice would be to get one to start- train it and then bring in another- training two dogs at once could be a handful (even though they are very easy to train, they are extremely smart)

they take a lot of time they get sad if you leave them for to long, mine pouts when we go to church for an hour, we have 2 mastiffs one is 8 years and the other is 5 months they do require a lot of attention but they are well worth it i will ALWAYS have two mastiffs just give them enough attention...........

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