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We have a 5 month old male Bullmastiff who is so nice and adorable but very stubborn. He's extremely smart and we have been able to train him a bit already. The only problem we have is that he likes to bite a lot when we're playing with him. Sometimes he might bite us if he gets upset about being put in the crate too. Only our hands but it's still something that he needs to stop. We have tried everything, from yelping and acting hurt to saying no and putting him in the crate for a "time-out". It doesn't seem to help. Does anyone else have similar problems with their pups? I know he knows what "no" means, he's just being stubborn and testing us. I would appreciate any help!

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Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. I'm gonna try that ASAP. :)

On the advice of a trainer, I purchased a small size bottle of Bitter Apple. It is readily available in pet stores. My bullmastiff was also biting/mouthing way too much, only in play but accidently breaking skin and causing pain to others. During one of her mouthing episodes I quickly sprayed some Bitter Apple directly into her mouth. Be very careful not to get it into the eyes. I said "no bite" in a clear loud voice when I sprayed into my dogs mouth. It took only about 3-4 repeats and the problem almost disappeared entirely! When my dog gets excited (she is also 5 months) she sometimes starts to mouth again but all I need to do is show her the bottle of Bitter Apple and she stops immediately. What a huge difference in her now.

i have three bullies my two boys who are now 6yrs and 4yrs were rough when they were around that age but they grew out of it, it was a puppy thing with them and we've had no problem's since and as they've gotten older they know no means no with the crate issue your bullie could be protesting as when he is being put in it as he sees it as a negative place due to you putting him in it for time out, try leaving his crate door open and giving him his favourite treat when he goes in. my youngest is used to a crate as hes been brought up with it though hes never been locked in and my other two who aren't used to the crate will go in and relax as its never been used as a negative thing and so thy don't see it as a negative thing

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