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hi, my rottweiler is about 13yrs old, and for the past couple days, he is not eating , if he is , he eats very very, little. and as for the movement, sometime he can't even get up or finish walking up the stairs. i'm very worry about him. i know that the life span for rottweiler are about 12-13yrs. what can i do if it's his time? what can i do or call if something do happen to him? please help

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You must be ready,because he is going!I know is very hard to lose your Rottweiler friend,after i lose mine (is now 6 years)i still missing him,he was my best friend and no other dog will give me what he was.This simptoms he had also,he stop to eat and he wanted to be next to me all the time,he wanted to inform me that he must go.Was terible until now i can take other dog,i had him for 10 years ,he was already 3 years .GoodLuck.

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