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Do they do well with cats?

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my 4 month old Schnauzer loves to chase my cats. the older cat will tolerate her to a point and then she hisses and says leave me alone. the younger cat will hiss, growl and all kinds of stuff then she chases the cat up the stairs. hopefuly they will all b friends b4 it is over.

My Mini Schnauzer Bailey decided to test one of my clawless cats early on. The cat was the same size as he was. After his initial attempt at intimidation, the cat simply slapped him a few times just to let him know that that kind of behavior would not be tolerated. They are now the best of buddies. Bailey will even play-chase the neighborhood stray young cats much to their delight. They even stop by and wait for bailey to come outside so they can tease him.

My mini's have always had cats and they get on very well. But my boy mini(now over a year) plays a bit rough with my cat. But it is play not malicious behavior. The cat has learned to get out of the way when he is not in the mood for rough play.

my do!

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