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Hi, I am a single mother of six my children range from ages 7 to16 years of age and I have never been one that desired to have a dog. There have been several break-ins in my neighborhood so my children's father purchase us a cane corso because I refuse to own a fire arm in my home. Do you think that having this aggressive animal in my home is a good idea? I ask this because so many people are discouraging me from keeping her. I received her just today and she is still a puppy. Not to mention I fell in love with her at first sight.

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It would be stupid to listen to what other people say. You are the mother and you know what's best for your children. I, as well, am a single mother of six (ages 7-18) and my children have been brought up around American PitBull Terriers their entire life. I couldn't have asked for better dogs. They are loyal, intelligent, and are excellent with children. If I had a penny for everytime somebody said something about how crazy it is to have Pitbulls around children, I'd be able to retire.

Let me help here. Cano Corso's are NOT aggressive!!! UNLESS they you don't belong there. They are great with childern and all family members. You need to socialize them, however I do not recommend letting everybody and thier brother around him/her. They will go through a phase where they will become aware of the security it is to provide (noramlly arounf 10 months). Don't let others mislead you if they do not understand the breed. I have owned 4 of them and presently have 2.

Cane corso's are perfect family dogs. They will behave in the manner they are treated i have a corso and three children he is wonderful. Ignorance is what makes people suggest not to keep her. I am not sure how old this post is but i hope you keep her and you can do some research on her to find out all the things you can about the breed.

I have both a male and female corso.These dogs are not vicious nor are they mean.But they are very protective of there family and property,They do not tolerate strangers,Unless you welcome them. My canes love my 5 year old grandson they play with him let him tug and pull ,My female will go to extremes to make sure my grandson doesnt fall..?.She lays on his lap and they sit and watch very wonderful with kids.My female just had 9 beautiful pups 3 people can see them me my daughter, and my grandson, any one else she lets them know to keep away. I would take a cane corso [La Grazia Di Dio] over a pit.bull dog shepard rottweiler any of them, ive had them all and the canes are by far the best dog ive had ..My home was broken into 5 x in 2 months i got my female and male,now no one will come near my home.There a rare breed to see in my area and people are very weary of them.Its there looks.My female is such a baby when she knows you.Read up on them there alot of reading on them.understand them,youll learn there great guard dogs there intimadating and no one will get into your home.but because of there protrctiveness you have to always be on guard with them.They will back the postman or cop from your yard they dont back down.

We have recently rescued a mastiff that a man was "selling" at a local hardware store. When I saw how miserable the dog looked, I told my boyfriend we were taking the dog home. Long story short, the vet said he was a cane corso and he is wonderful dog. He is such a lover and always wants to cuddle. He and my 17th month old daughter are besties. He can get protective of her and try to stop play time if it gets too rowdy. He does bark loudly at the mailman. He needs to be walked every day, but his favorite place is snuggling at your feet or on the bed. He has not been aggressive towards other dogs at all. He is a great dog and I am so happy we went to that store and found him. Or he found us. :)

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