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Hi I have a 4 month old cane corso named Sheba and I feed her eukanuba puppy food mixed with rice and salmon oil for her coat. My question is how do I make her gain weight? She's been dewormed and had all her shots and she is gaining weight as she gets taller. She is 56 pounds but her waist is very thin and I can't get any meat on those bones. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Feed your dog pork cooked well done and go to meat locker ask for cracklins mix that with your dog food.

Avoid feeding grains in general. this does only applly to the Cane Corso, but to canines in general. Dogs are Carnivores, they do not need veggies nor carbs. Dogs do n ot digest grains so why feed them what they do not need? The best diet for any canine is a RAW diet. I have a 2 1/2yr old male corso Zeus as well as a 4 mth old pup Venus. LIf you really just can not see doing raw, feed a dog food that is grain free such as Taste Of The Wild.Remember, dogs are decendents of Wolves,can you see them going out looking for berries or a veggie garden? No, they hunt meat. On a raw diet, the should as a pup get around 3-5% of there adult weight per day and the break down is 80% meat, 10% bone 10% organ. This is the best diet for them and what they are ment to eat. Pups till 8 months should have ther meals spit up. to 5 months 4 times a day 5-8 3X then till a year 2X nd at a year can switch to once a day. i can say at my vet has said that my dogs are in the best heath she has seen and have no allergiy issues which many do because of ingredints and fillers in kibble. Feed your dog as nature ment remember Kibble was not even commenly given and available till the 1960's!

Dogs are omnivorous not carnivorous, wolves readily eat root vegetables and various your research and youll find several different types of diets available...too much protein leads to liver and kidney problems.

your dog is still growing you don't wanna put weight on her while she is growing as bad as you wanna have a big husky bad ass walking around you have to let them develop and grow into their bodies just make sure she is getting plenty of glucosamine for her bones hips and joints while she is growing her bones are forming make sure she getting calcium thru bone meal when that process is done then the muscle process will began but a corso has alot of skin so what may appear skinny will be over weight by the time you can actually see a difference!

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