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I'm boarding two schnauzers, a male and female. The owners are out of reach. The male has a habit of periodically lifting his head up in the air, almost as if he's sniffing something above him or trying to see something. At first I thought it had to do with his grooming. Perhaps he can't see well because his "eyebrows" have been left too long (unclipped)? Is this something that anyone is familiar with? Thanks, LCK

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I believe thats what he is doing,smelling as you know dogs use their nose for everything and hes in a different environment full of new smells

I did some research and this behavior might be a symptom of focal seizures. However, you could be right about him sniffing his new environment... Thanks. LCK

i'm not sure how long ago this ?? was asked, but... i think his nose is working overtime, especially in a new enviroment. we have a mini schnauzer & she has an amazing sense of smell! -she often travels w/ us & will sniff @ the door of the hotel room or ANY door that is closed, like she can find out what's going on the other side by sniffing -i make her home made liver treats & when i am working them up, she can be in another room of the house & as i get the ingredients together in the food processor, she comes & sits @ my feet. waiting for a sample before they go in the oven :) -also, we heat w/ wood & often she will get a whiff of the smoke & climbs to stand on the back of the couch where the heat is forced into the house. she will stand there from several seconds to a few minutes, like she's making sure that it smells ok before she goes off to do something else.

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