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I'm getting a mini and i wanted to know if solid white is accepted as a color?

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I too am getting a white-mini and they are not recognized by the AKC for showing. The only solid color that is accepted is the black.

If you have the AKC papers, then they are recognized as a purebred Miniature Schnauzer by the AKC, the color is just not approved for conformaion class and a white schnauzer is considered a fault. You can however show your dog in Obedience, Agility, Rally or Earth Dog.

The white miniature schnayzer is recognized in many countries of the world including Germany which is the home country. The American and Canadian miniature schnauzer clubs, in writing their standards, have chosen to consider white as a disqualification. Whites are the same as any other miniature schnauzer except for their color and have no weahnesses and medical problems that are not experienced by other miniature schnauzers. Their exclusion in the U.S is purely arbitrary by the Americal Miniature Schnauzer Club.Hopefully this will soon change.

I have a white min schnauzer also he seem to be shy when it come to male people around him I have had min schnauzers be for and they are friendly or will come to both male and female ,this one does a lot of things that my other one didn't or is it because he is white and there is a big diffident in the other color.

i have owned a white mini and i can tell you the AKC doesn't recognize that coloration; other than that ,they're just like any other min. sch. by the way it has been definitively demonstrated that the white color is genectically based from only other white min. sch.,and is NOT from any "cross breeding"; it is ,therefore a recessive gene expression from prior ancestors of schnauzers carrying the recessive gene;

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