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I am planning on buying a dog but I am not sure if this dog would be good to raise in a City Apartment. I live in NYC so there isn't a lot of grass around my area where they can run and play games. Is this any breeds you would recommended me to raise? I am looking for a dog that is generally health, doesn't need a lot of grooming, friendly and small enough to live indoors

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yes i have one and he is verry happy dog in side just need to take on a walk once day or every other day

Short answer: NO. This dog needs substantial daily runs to work off energy. We have a large fenced yard which may be enough, but we take our dogs to a free-run dog park everyday where she gets the exercise she NEEDS. Please do not confine this breed to a house or apartment.

I would say no, as this is an outside dog. If you lived in the more rural Upstate New York, it would be a different matter. To find out which breed you would need, I suggest you go to, and use their breed selecter quiz.

A feist is a small dog, but it is a TERRIER. Terriers are very active dogs - bred up for various types of hunting and active lives. Forget how "Eddy" looked on the FRASIER TV Show, they are not good dogs for an apartment. They get bored easily when they are young and they like a lot of interaction. The need a lot of exercise. Mine never chewed anything up in our house, but we made sure they had things of her own to chew or tear up at will. I live in Appalachiia and I frankly cannot imagine our Feist in an apartment, and even though I now live out on a mountain farm, I came from Chicago and lived in more than one apartment!

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