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I do not have a shorthaired pointer yet, but am planning to get one. I would like to know how much you feed them?

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For a 3-5 month old puppy, 10 lbs a /every two weeks. They eat fast. Keep up with the growth!

Pointers put on weight very easily. i feed mine only 2 handfuls of kibble a day, anymore and she gets overweight

It would depend on the age of you dog or puppy. Some GSP's keep weight easily and some need a little extra. We prefer to gauge what time of the year it is, are we working the dogs hard in training/hunting season, then we feed a performance food to our adults, in the not so active months we switch to a maintenance. A good quality food will require less to feed. We free feed our puppies unless they would become really obese but have never had that problem. BE SURE, to only feed your gsp puppy LARGE breed puppy food. Small breed may promote too fast of growth therefore affecting their bone structure. Our adults get 2 cups a day, 3 cups when heavy training. Good luck with your new pup!

The amount that you feed them will depend on the size of the dog. Mine run from 35 pounds(a small female) to 65 pounds(a large male). Use the information on the bag as a guideline but if the dog is skinny feed it more and if the dog is too fat feed it less. Thin makes for a healthier dog. I have one female AKC national gun dog Champion Up N'Adam's Super Sioux who should weigh about thirty five pounds may get about 1/2 to 1 cup of food daily, Purina Pro Plan performance. I have a one year old male who is very lean will eat about 8 cups a food daily to keep weigh on. Most pets are too fat and it will destroy their bone structure. Don't expect your dog to act full when they finish their meal, they may always be willing to eat more.

you feed them 3 cups of feed a day

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