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I do not have any kids yet but am thinking about children in the next year or so. How is the Feist around small children?

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I have 3 children this pup is 4 months and very loyal to them. She follows them and is always with them. Excellent with children.

The feist is great around kids, mainly because of thier energy and playfulness

We have kids and grandkids. Our 16 month old feist, "Puppy" is great with them. He is the smartest, loyalist, and easy to train dog I have ever seen.

My feist is the best around kids, especially babies. Anytime my niece or nephew cry, Trixie immediately lets someone know about it. She also is very protective of the babies, and babysits them better than most people.

mine is not good with small children and many other owners that i know say the same thing

I was raised with a feist dog and still have one now; actually thinking about getting another. He was the best companion you could ever ask for. We would stay in the woods all day or until Mom called us in. My brother and I would walk or ride our bikes through the mountain trails of Western North Carolina and "Rusty" would be right there with us all the way. He was a great dog! David

Mine is great around all people, but she is particularly gentle watchful/protective/attentive with children; more so than she is with adults. She has done volunteer work as a therapy dog with children with disabilities. With this population, she will put herself into a "down/stay" and let them love on her until they are ready to walk away. This is something that I did not teach her, it is just inherent to her nature.

My feist just turned 2 yrs old. He's very energetic and playful but tends to get aggressive and he gets jealous when i give my other dog love or attention. He's social towards people and other dogs and behaves well, but i would not be able to trust him completely around small children or strangers unless i constantly supervised.

Me and my fiance adopted two Mountain Feist which we named Loki and Wrigley. They are both very loving to everyone especially children.

i have a 12 yr old feist who is wonderful with kids. i trust him around anyone. this dog is my kid and i love him more than anything. i worry more about kids hurting him. a feist is one of the best pets or the best pet to have and i wouldnt trade my snickerdoodle for anything

I have 3 boys and a daughter her name is Feisty. She is from Limestone Tn. My cousin gave her to me when I went home to Johnson City for her brothers (also my cousin) funeral. My cousins husband had saved her & 10 sisters, 1 brother from being put into a potato sack & sent down river from an 88yr old mountain man that was being put n a nursing home & had 2 many animals (that is the way some people dealt with over population of dogs back n the days be4 nuturing) something I know was hard 4 him. Anyway she just turned 3 & out of all that saddness she has brightened our leaves a snail trail when on pavement) I would suggest this dog for anyone that wants a trusting, loveing,& is anybodies best friend when lives so very much. She has a thing with rocks, she absolutly loves them she cries at them, they go everywhere she goes. She actually looks like she is skateboarding on them (she on pvement.

Our 4 y/o rescued female loves all people - children included. She is sweet but wants to jump into our faces. She is being trained. A well-trained feist - or a puppy who will be trained - would be a great companion for children since it is small enough to handle with plenty of - energy and spunk to withstand a bit of childhood roughness.

I love my dog Annie . She was giving to me from my husband for our anniversary.Ive never loved a dog as much as I love her. The only problem you my have with your dog they seem to be jealous.

In my experience, they love their families , young or old. They are just great family dogs.

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