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I don't have a GSP yet and am considering getting one. I live an active lifestyle on weekends (hunting hiking etc). During the week however I work 8 hrs a day and would have to leave the dog at home. I would only be able to let it run in local fields and walk it for an hour or so Mon-Fri. Would this be O.K. for the average GSP?

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If u walk the dog everyday and excercise him a lot on weekends he should be fine. we live in an apt (until we find a house) and our puppy does ok. If u leave him in the crate a lot or don't take him out u will not get minute of peace so make sure u have the time.

One of my GSP's has separation anxiety. You might want to hire a dog walker or take it to doggie day care.

forget it - a GSP will go mad left for 8 hours a day, day after day! It will get very noisy and/or bark/destroy the house. Angela Boyd (ran GSP rescue for 18 yrs in UK)

I have 3 GSP, and they do perfectly fine if left alone while I am at work. Some of your success may depend on the individual personality of the specific dog, but GSP can be very relaxed dogs in the home and can behave very well. Exercise in the evening and taking them hunting on weekends is acceptable.

My 2 GSPs do fine at home for 8 hrs...but no longer. And they need more than a walk when I get home. We generally go to a field or dog park and they run flat out for about an hour. If they miss their exercise for one day, they will certainly let you know they are not happy.

I have a GSP and am out of the house for 12 hours. Jasper is left outside and has a patio and terrace to be on and so is fine. I take him out every morning for almost an hour to a place he can run about, and then in the evenings too. The days I don't travel for work we go for long walks for 2 to 3 hours near the beach. He doesn't have a set routine so if some nights I am tired we don't go out. He is used to this and he isn't a problem. I think yours will be fine too. They are lovely dogs. Enjoy!

I have a 3 year old GSP and he's with me most of the time or at day care. He's one that has separation anxiety but when with other dogs he's just fine. We live in the city so doggie parks are a great way to get the beans worked out of him and we do both obedience and agility on the weekends. He's an inside dog when we're home and he's been great indoors and very calm for the breed.

If you get a young pup and crate train it from day 1 it will be safe and secure in a crate whilst you are not at home. However a young pup can not hold its urine for that length of time so expect a messy crate for a while.

Most people work. GSPs are happier and easier to live with when they get regular exercise. Crate training is recommended. Many of my puppy owners will hire someone to come by at mid day and take the dog out. In NYC there are professional dog walkers and doggy day care is springing up everywhere. Katrin Tazza AKC Breeder of Merit

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