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I have a 11 month old mini schnauzer is a boy. He is throwing up after he eats and is not keeping anything down. Do you know what could be causing this?

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Mine did this for awhile. I changed his diet from the cheaper, fattier type food to a better brand and have had very few incidents of throwing up since.

I have two mini's and feed them science diet. We put water in with it so the dog can't just gulp down the food. They are now four years old and we still put water in the food. Just enough to moisten it and then a little more.

I started my mini on Hills Science Plan food and he had diarrhia and vomiting . I changed his food to Royal Canin and this food seems to suit him better . However pups find all sorts of things when they are out playing in the garden and our pup at six months still gets sick sometimes . My vet says that puppys get tummy bugs just like a child. Hope this helps.

He could have pancreatitis. That's what my miniature schnauzer. It would be wise to take him to the vet to make sure if it's not somehting serious. There ay also be something wrong or bad with that perticular bag of food. Can bags of food go bad? That may be the cause. Hope I helped!

my mini has basically acid reflux. Try feeding him smaller feedings more frequently, and maybe add some pureed pumpkin to his diet for addtional fiber.

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