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I have a 3 year old Corso which attempts to mount all other animals male and female, I thought it was a show of dominance, but because of the continued mounting even while playing I am not sure.

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considering that your cane is 3 years old I would ask the question of whether or not he is neutered. If he is not neutered then I would respond with this is a normal act within the breed. Cane Corso's are in most respects like other "guardian/working" dogs. What separates this breed from the rest of that pack is that they have a very high energy level and in turn a very high sexual drive. I would suggest getting your cane neutered or getting an updated temperment shot. If your cane is neutered then I would still urge that this is not an act of dominance. If it was then a slight snarl or swat of the paw towards the other dog would be more likely. Like most other dogs a "mount" in some respects is an act socialization. Although unusual it is not uncommon. It's like sniffing the anus or licking the genitals. It's usually considered socialization or "getting to know" the unfamiliar dog that was introduced to the pack. The fact that your cane was not aggressive towards the "intruder" is a very good sign. I would not be alarmed if I were you. Resolution: When your cane exhibits such behavior, if I were you, I would designate a negative "call word" for this. Your voice should be strong and firm and should be accompanied with a hand gesture. The hand gesture should be distinct from all other hand gestures.When it is established by your cane that your call word means NO, and he responds appropriately a reward would be appropriate. I hope this helps. Do not let your cane control the situation! You should control both your cane, and the environment that your cane and yourself are in.

It's a bad habit of behaviour. Like humans, dogs are intelligent enough to form good and bad habits, except they need a constant reminder (at least at first) to break or put on habits you enforce for him/her. Put a leash on him/her and train the dog with a firm and consistent manner. You'll know when your dog is taking you seriously, because he'll treat you like his pack leader, expecting direction from you..and with these breed it's so easy because of the obvious expression on the dogs face. Anyway, you should look into some more techniques online, because there are literally millions. Keep a leash on him when introducing the dog to another dog. Show the dog how you want him to behave. Say the command as you direct him. Stay consistent. Reward him with your tone of voice and treat for listening! P.s this would've been a lot easier if you gave me a gender or name Good luck!

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