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I have a 5 year old cat and now I want to get a miniature schnauzer. Can anyone tell me what should I do to make them be friends from the beginning? Also, I am pregnant and I'm worried about how will the dog react to the new born baby?

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I have two minis (Jackson and Dixie) and a 2yr.old grandson. We had the dogs before the grandchild and they have been wonderful with him! Jackson is very protective of Trey and Trey has given kisses and treats to the dogs since before he could walk. When Trey was very small and sleeping at my house, Jackson would go into the bedroom and check on him repeatedly. When Dixie had puppies, she never had a problem with Trey coming close and looking or even holding her babies.

My little Maggie (who is a min. schnauzer) Does great with my cat whose name is Mumbo. they are best friends. If i bring maggie to work with me the cat is only getting a break but Maggie lays around sad because she has no one to play with. They have made a great connection and I have not had any problems. It's like the cat is a great babysitter for maggie! if you have any questions email me at

I had to respond to your questions about having a cat and getting a mini-schnauz. We had our cat first. She was about 5 when we got Jack. From the very beginning Sally, the cat, has not cared much for Jack and Jack chases her. However, the other day, when we came home, we discovered something quite interesting. We have a sliding glass door and we sort of snuck up on the two of them sleeping on the mat beside the door together. As soon as they heard us, both heads popped up and it was like "Oh my gosh! We're caught liking each other! Quick, run and I'll chase you so they don't know the truth!" It's funny that only when we're watching does Jack chase her out of the rooml. We are going to really add to the excitment this weekend when we add another mini-schnauz to the mix. GLuttens for punishment-that's what I'd say we are!

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