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I have read that mini schnauzers are bad for barking. I live in an apartment so I am worried about it barking when I am not there. Can anyone tell me if the barking will be a problem? Can this be helped with training or socialization?

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I recently purchased a Mini Schnauzer for the purpose of being a watch dog. He is 4 months old and only barks when someone passes by my apartment (sliding glass doors) outside. I praise him for this because I live alone, and I want him to be protective of me. He is not territorial but loves everyone and has great socialization with the other dogs in the complex. He is quiet during the day while I am at work and has a great disposition. He does try to be the Alpha dog with me when we go for walks and I do need to assert my authority over him. If he tries to 'walk me' I pull him back with his leash and shorten his lead so that he can only walk beside me and not in front of me. He is a wonderful puppy and I'm glad I purchased him.

I am a professional groomer and I have had my miniature schnauzer since a puppy (12 weeks old) and he is now almost 4 years old. He barks for an extended time when people arrive and then will intermittently bark every time our guest moves. I put him in the bedroom when people come over initially until he calms down. He will bark everytime someone next door closes a car door or the garbage man comes. It can be annoying but it is not constant. He is mostly quiet when we are not home but was very noisy as a puppy crate training. When picking out a puppy I went for the least active of the bunch and I am glad I did because he is better natured than alot of the schnauzers I have worked with.

I have had my mini since he was 7 weeks old and he is now 1 year old. the only time my dog ever barks is when you get him really excited. when he was younger i just trained him not to bark by telling him no everytime he barked and not giving in one bit to hi barking and now he doesnt bark. that technique can be used on training the dog to do anything

For the lady that got the Schnauzer for protection. About the alpha situation - you have to assert yourself and not let him rule. I made that mistake with my last dog- a Jack Russell Terrier - he had an attitude from hell. he ended up mauling me severely and I had to have him put down after 3 years of having him in my life. This 1 1/2 year old Schnauzer I have now has on occasion tried to rule me. He has growled when I try to correct him, even snipped at me. YOU MUST STAND YOUR GROUND WITH HIM/ HER - SPANK - DISCIPLINE - AND BY SPANK I DON'T MEAN - BEAT HIM. They learn extremely easily. It only takes 2 fingers smacking the rump and eye to eye contact while you are telling them NO, and DO NOT LOOK AWAY FROM HIM - HE MUST BE THE FIRST TO LOOK AWAY OR HE WINS. I watch Caesar Milan constantly and he can really help you learn how to make you pet the ideal pet. These pets we love so dearly and think of as family - mine to me is like a son -- but they have to have their boundaries set and know who is in charge. I am not going to make the mistake again and have to lose something I love so dearly just because I gave in and let him rule. They have to know their place to be happy. May you and your baby be as happy as mine and I are.

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