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I have two mini Schnauzers who i got when they were both 6 months old they are brother and sister, they are now 61/2 years old now We also have a chocolate Lab who is 31/2 years old she is very layed back dog. My Schnauzer's did not do well when we got her and the male Schnauzer was the worst they still want to chase my Lab out of the yard when they go outside course some of it has turned into a game! They are fine together now every once in a while my male gets after the lab but not half as bad as it use to be! We also have had issue with him and other dogs esp when they come in our yard. My questions is my daughter wants a cat and i am not sure it will work since the two Schnauzers have always ganged up together! The Lab would be a breeze she probly would love one. But i am scared about what the little two might try to do i have time to work with a cat and them but what is best a adult cat or a kitten? I think adult. Please help, i would love any advice. Wouldn't want to put a cat in harms way and not my dogs either!

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Rather get a kitten. The dogs will be very interested in it at first and it will soon learn that it cannot fight the mini's and thus rather submit to their inquisitiveness or play along. An older cat wont last long as the mini's will hunt it and chase it away.

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