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I have two mini schnauzers from the same litter. They are Brothers and are 16 weeks old. They seem to get along fine and I am taking them to obedience classes. I love them both to bits and so do my two children. My concern is all the scare stories I am reading on other Internet sites about getting two dogs from the same litter. Some are suggesting that its a recipe for disaster long term and you should definitely give one up before its too late! I wont do this as I love them to bits. I would be devastated if one had to leave. Its not an option. My question is - Does anyone have a GOOD tale to tell about bringing up brothers who are Schnauzers?

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We have brother schnauzers and they LOVE each other. They play and fight and take good care of each other all the time. We have only had them for a year but I can not see them ever being a "disaster". Love each one of them equally and do not let one feel left out and I really believe that you will not have a problem.

I also have two mini schnauzers that are brother and sister. My family and i have had them since they were 6 months and they are now just recently turned 1 yrs old. we have had a horrible time training them to go to the bathroom outside. they will go outside for a good 30 min and then come inside and have an accident on my rug. i think they distract each other from doing their business but they are inseparable! They are also always getting into the garbage, getting at the toilet paper, and tearing up my furniture. my house is getting somewhat destroyed by these little dogs. you would think i had a golden retriever with the messes they make. does anyone have any tips or suggestions about why they are so hard to train?

Well their are never a shortage of 'stories'out there to worry people,we have owned a bro. & sis. twice now both sets from the same litter,and they are playful with each other and never have they bitten one another or anything to make us concerned.We have recently adopted an abandoned mini that was 1 y.o. ours being 3 y.o. and besides the 2 males on occasion deciding who's 'alpha' they play and live in harmony.I don't think their is anything to worry about just check them over good to make sure they don't fight when left alone, when our 2 males show any aggression towards each other we will crate them for an hour or so,but that rarely even happens anymore.g/luck

I have two sisters who are now 2 years old and are the best dogs. Granted they were a handful to train because they are so smart and it felt like they were ganging up on me. I found that LOTS of exercise helps immensely. After starting a twice-a-day walking routine at about 3 months, they began to settle down, tear up the house less, and mind me much better. They are always together for everything, and I trust the level-headed sister to keep an eye on the more impulsive one--and she does! The three of us are inseparable--I would heartily encourage adopting siblings! Challenging but lotsa love involved!

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