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I have two questions. First, Im scared to let my mini schnauzer outside because when he return inside he smells really loud and bad. I tried everthing to control this issue. Is there anything I havent tried? Second, when I do let him out I never like to listen to me when I call him and end up chasing him. This has put an end to our outdoor trip. What I can do to get him to listen to me when we are out? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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I never let my schnauzer out side with out being on a leash, either me holding the leash or tied up to the yard stake for her to run around. As far as the smell, not sure what u r talking about there. just wipe him/her down w/ a baby wipe or something till u give it a bath. can't bathe them every day of course.

I febreze mine if it gets to stinky. lol I have for over 2 yrs and it doesnt seem to hurt him. It sure helps with the smell. As far as him running and not listening tie him up to a with a long leash or chain when you let him out for about 3 days. Then try letting him out to run if he doesnt come back when called again then immediately put him back on the chain for a couple more days. Keep doing this until he gets the hint.

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