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I rescued a mini schnauzer from a breeder that didn't treat her very humane. At first she was very loving, timid but clingy. And recently all she wants to do is isolate herself from everything and every body, she walks in circles, nervous all the time, and growls at my children and wont let them near her. She has never been harmed by them so I know that isn't an issue. Is this normal and will she come around. I want her to have a happy life especially after having such an awful life to boot.

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Poor babies are very emotional. If she has had a previously hard life don't give up. Even if you get bit once or twice don't let her continue to isolate herself because they are very human like. You allow them to isolate themselves and they will stay there. My 3 year old Schnauzer, I have to admit is a bit compulsive. She sweeps her bowl a few times before she eats and then just digs in.

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