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Is it okay to give a homemade supplement made with dry dog food, cream cheese, peanut butter, corn oil, cottage cheese and browned hamburger meat to an elderly GSP that needs to gain a small amount of weight? I just wanted to check the ingredients list-before feeding it to him.

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Skip the peanut butter, and do peanut oil. About a TBS a day. It doesn't have the sugar that the butter does, and has more fat per serving. It has helped with my 11 month old pup. If you are wanting to mix and match foods just be sure you don't mix raw with cooked. ie. raw eggs with say the cooked burger. The kibble digest much slower than raw. Then you can wind up with a bacteria problem like salmonella. Green beans and cut up potato make great filler also.

Why is your dog thin? is your dog sick? Please consult with your veterinarian about the supplements that you are trying. make sure you are feeding a top brand name dog food ie Eukanuba, Iams, Purina, If the dog is really failing sometimes Nutrical will perk them up. Katrin Tazza, AKC Breeder of Merit,

phoc no that will not be verygood for a dog or just anybodys health

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