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Me and my sister really want to get a border collie, we live in a fairly big house but we have hardly any grass, we live right next to a beach and are down the road from a park. Our mum thinks that it won't be enough room. Is she right? If we were to take the dog for a walk/run everyday would this be enough exercise?

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if you have done your research,then you know that border collies need plenty of exercise as they are bred for sheep hurding.but if your that close to the beach and you take the dog out morning and evening for hour or so then it should not be a problem.when we take our collie to the beach,then as soon as she see`s the sea,she runs of like a looney.and when we reach the sea we find her playing with her ball and trying to throw it into the make sure that they get plenty of exercise and all should be fine

if you are thinking of getting a border collie, running him or her down the beach for 2 hours a day is fine. I have a border collie and i run him down the beach for 2 to 3 hours a day and he is fine, my vet said he is thriving. Just becareful that if you get one he or she does not suffer from heat stroke.

Border Collies need running room, otherwise they get bored, lay around and become lazy. For years we had our Border Collie on a 20' leash wire attached to a run wire that allow the leash to slide down for about another 20', so he had pretty decent running radius. But he became frustrated. So this year we built a wood plank pickett fence around the yard, giving him about a half acre to run around in freely, and he loved it at first, but became confused quickly as we had fenced off a part of the area he was used to being in while he was on his wire. And he thought he was supposed to come into the house when off his wire, so he spent several times tearing through our screened-in patio trying to get in. To try to help solve this problem, we ended up getting a new German Sheppard puppy mix to give him some company. It's worked to a point so far. The problem is that border collies are almost too smart for their own good.

I have to mind my neighbors boarder collie for the summer they need way toooooooo much attention and he goes crazy when you try to leave him I just don't trust them as a pet. I have a golden retriever who I love to bits I would defienetly recommend golden retrievers.

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