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My Rhodesian Ridgeback is seven months old and a pleasure. He is housebroken and lately has decided to sneak into my bedroom and pee in front of his crate. I keep the crate there beside me and it is only used when I am sleeping. During the day he has a huge yard; dog door, recreation room and sun room. He is good all day while I am at work and he plays well with the other dogs. When I get home and while I am changing he pees right beside me. This has been the last two days and I am so confused. I am not working more his routine has not changed and we walk at least four miles a day soon as I return home. I am an experienced do owner who has had shepherds all my life and they too can be a challenge but this one has me totally stumped.

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There's a cleaning product specially made to get rid of pee stains and the odor so the dog won't go back to the same spot. Go to your local pet store or store and look for some cleaning products. I can't recall the name of it, but anyway afterwards that should help. Usually a dog that pees in your space is not respectful of you and you probably have not established yourself as his dominant master yet or he is showing resistance. He's young but he shouldn't be doing that unless it was intentional. YOu have to be more stricter on him by scheduling his feeding and weeing. This way he has no chance of doing the little no-nos. Also, do not feed or give water to the dog during the night.

Sounds like a case of the six-month-stupids! Puppies commonly 'forget' everything they have been taught around 6 months of age. Just go back to what worked for potty training initially, be patient, and your dog will be back to good behavior very soon.

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