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My puppy is just turned 1 year this week and chews up every toy that I give her and shreds her beds. She also digs holes and buries her toys. How can I get her to stop digging and only chew on her toys?

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look into a product called bitter apple, you get it, soak a cotton ball in it, put it in the dogs mouth and hold it shut for a few seconds.Then you can take a watered down solution of it, put it in a spray bottle and spray it on whatever you do not want the dog to chew on.

get a kong, she won't be able to chew it up, but will love it better than anything else she could chew

Exercise is key! the dog needs more discipline (that does not translate to mean 'stronghand'). Also more exercise...

Make sure the dog knows that you are the 'pack leader' and don't start shouting, this will aggravate the dog. Just be firm with her. Give this a go for a few weeks. I also recommend 'bitter apple'.

Give her a toy and then when she runs off, call her back and say Ta. She will stop hiding her toys soon. Give her hard bones to chew on to make there teeth strong and to stop them from eating everything.

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