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We have a rescue schnauzer and are unsure if it is a mini or standard. Does anyone know what the general height and weight would be for a mini at 5 months of age? This is a pure breed dog.

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Well ask a vet or just let it grow. if it is not two feet tall after about a year and a half it is probably a mini.

A mini is between 10-12 inches at the shoulder when fully grown. Males being a tad bit larger than the females. At 5 months old your pup would be smaller than this. Fully grown they are anywhere from 14-22 lbs.

The standard for our breed is 12 to 14 inches at the shoulder as an adult. If you breed to the standard a 5 month old pup will usually be over 12 inches at the shoulder. They will contunue to grow until the growth plates close which for the females is usually when they come in to season for the first time. The males will continue to grow in height until they are a little over a year. Usually they will not grow more than a quarter of an inch taller than they are at 5 months. But sometimes the pup hasn't read the books and grows as much as an inch.

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