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What kind of food should i feeed my mini schnauzer

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My mom swore by Iams and so do i. It is partually broke down already sob they can get all the nutrients out of it,unlike all other dog takes twenty minutes for a dogs food to leave theyre stomach .meaning they only got that long to get all the nutrients they can out of it. That is why they eat theit own poop.cuz there is so many nutrition still left in it. Feed them Iams and they won't do costs 40 bucks for a huge bag. It seems like more but in the long run it may even be cheaper due to the fact that because it is so broke down already and they get more nutrients out of it you feed them about a quarter

Of what you feed them of any other food. So you feed a big dog, a German Shepard rottweiler mix a cup and a half a day . That's all! Seriously. And they will be healthy as can be .with a shiny coat and everything. I promise .I wouldnt ever give my animals anything else. You should have seen my German Shepard rotty mix before she died . She was so beautiful. And big!she was thick. Maybe a cup and a half was just a little too much u dunno. She probably shouldve gotten a cup a day. I know it doesn't sound like enough cuz your use to the poor quality dog foods out there . But u swear it is enough. You'll see. Just give it a try. I

I should've done a Iams commercial huh?lol

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