Photo When do puppies start to show signs of their tick markings?

You can see evidence of where their ticking will be almost as soon as they are dry after birth. The skin underneath the white hair will be colored more darkly in the areas that will have ticking. Over

Photo I do not have a shorthaired pointer yet, but am planning to get one. I would like to know how much y

For a 3-5 month old puppy, 10 lbs a /every two weeks. They eat fast. Keep up with the growth!

Photo Is it okay to give a homemade supplement made with dry dog food, cream cheese, peanut butter, corn o

Skip the peanut butter, and do peanut oil. About a TBS a day. It doesn't have the sugar that the butter does, and has more fat per serving. It has helped with my 11 month old pup. If you are wanting t

Photo How much exercise should a 9 week old puppy GSP get? Can they go for short walks, or should they st

when they get tired, they'll stop running

Photo How much do they shed? low, medium or high?

I have a 6 month old female and i try not to wear black or white. because she is very small for her age and thinks shes a lap dog. maybe its just my dog but i would say medium. She sheds alot more whe

Photo Will a GSP hunt rabbit...

Yes and anything else! Quail, ducks, deer, everything.

Photo I don't have a GSP yet and am considering getting one. I live an active lifestyle on weekends (hunt

If u walk the dog everyday and excercise him a lot on weekends he should be fine. we live in an apt (until we find a house) and our puppy does ok. If u leave him in the crate a lot or don't take him o

Photo How long do they carry their pups?

They carry for approx 63 days

Photo My dog is 13 this year and looking thin but eating well just weighed her she is 20.25kg/44.7lbs and

She sounds like she is in perfect weight. Has she unexpectedly lost weight? That would concern me. Bring her to your vet for a checkup and have him/her compare her weight to the previous records an

Photo how much should a gsp weigh at 12 weeks?

about 7 pounds

Photo I just bought 2 new gsp's but the breeder did not cut the tail how long do I have till its to late t

idealy tail should be cut at 3 to 5 days,dew claws should be removed at that time as well , after 40 days its too late.

Photo As german shorthairs get older, do they get scared of loud sounds?

Not usually no. Young pointers tend to be skittish and nervous but as they get older they get better. If she is very old perhaps she's going deaf so the only sounds she hears are very loud noises and

Photo How much food should I be feeding my 3 month old german shortaired pointer?

It depends on what food you are feeding. There should be a feeding guide on the tin/bag. At 3 months I would still be feeding 4 times a day, reducing it to 3 times a day by 4 months and then twice a d

Photo My 4yr old GSP just had 9 puppies 4 days ago. She is whinning, panting, digging and tore up the box

has she got mastitis? Check her nipples, if the area surrounding them is hot and hard she might have mastitis. As in humans this is very painful and needs antibiotics. Are you sure she has expelled al

Photo How long does a female GSP remain in heat?

21 days

Photo As a child I grew up with a female pointer. I am interested in getting one for my family but want to

Dogs do tend to b more hyper than females but sometimes getting them castrated can calm them down a little. Either way they are both pretty much full on until about 2 year old.

Photo I have a 5 month old GSP cross Staffy. I have been walking her twice a day for about 30 to 45 mins e

Not too much. You can never walk a GSP (or cross) too much. They are very active.

Photo We just had a litter of gsp puppies and they are mostly white. Will they get freckles later or will

The spots usually show up at about 6 weeks.

Photo Please tell me how many cups of food a day should a seven year old 50 pound female GSP should be gi

It depends on which food you are feeding. There should be a feeding guide on the bag/tin.

Photo Approx how much should my 6 month old female GSP weigh? She is quite tall, already 24-25" to th

My 6 month old male wieghs in at 45lbs.

Photo how much should a 7 month pointer weigh? and when do they stop growing?
Photo how much (quantity) should i feed my GSP twice a day?

I feed my GSP about 2.5 cups two times daily. he weighs about 50 lbs and is in perfect shape with exercise daily.

Photo I have a 4 1/2 month GSP female puppy, i take her out for two 20 min walks on the lead ( sometimes 3
Photo I have a 15-week-old GSP male. He weights 18 pounds at this moment. After reading many posts online

We have raised several GSP from puppy to adult. If your dog is properly wormed, and has a good diet, there is not much need for worry. BEWARE--every young male GSP I have ever seen was so active that

Photo my GSP is 7. But he takes a while to get up and his knees click.Do you know why he is ageing so quic


Photo Im think about getting a GSP. But i've read they don't like to be left alone. I work an 8 hour day

Build a kenel to leave your dog in while your gone. We live in the country and can leave our shorthair out and she will never run off. We started her in the kenel to be safe and went from there.A youn

Photo My male GSP Fritz will be 1 yoa on christmas. He's 76 lbs. is this normal, and will he get bigger. I
Photo I own an 18 month old male German Shorthair. He appears to be very healthy and is fed premium dog f

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