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hey my border collie has been itching her belly alot and i checked for fleas but she doesnt have any. do anyone know what it could be i got some cream to stop her itching thats working i just wonder if anyone knows what it could be. its not fleas. thanks kat

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since border collies are bred in such great multitudes the breed may have inherited some problems form the over excesive breeding. for instance, some have become allergic to some varieties of grasses. this also common in other breeds the have beed bred a lot over long periods of is rare that this becomes serious but it is possible.for further information, please contact your vet who might have more accurate answers and provide medication for your dog's itch.

It could also be dry skin. Contact your vet and inquire about any fish oil or omega 3-6-9 supplements to add to the food or water. Plus, you may think about trying a higher quality food like "Blue Buffalo".

My border collie has mild allergies. When he starts iching/sneezing I give him Omega 3, 6 & 9 supplements on his food and it helps. Also try using a natural shampoo that doesn't dry their skin out.

My dog also has this problem but it tends to be seasonal, usually early spring and early autumn. I am in the UK so this may be different in other countries as we believe it is a reaction to seed or pollen. Allergies are quite common in many breeds, but generally they do no harm, although it can be distressing to see the dog constantly scratching. Your vet will be able to give an injection, I forget the name, that will help to alleviate the problem. Omega supplements and limited use of special shampoos may help but every dog will have different success with these treatments. Generally speaking, provided your dog is being fed a high quality food, then these allergies will run their course and all you can try to do is minimise the discomfort for the dog.

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