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The Giant Maso Mastiff is a large and adorable breed that always looks sweet and friendly.  A large square head starts off this breed and leads to their rectangular muzzle where their lips hang down far past their mouth.  Their small brown eyes are set close together.  A thick neck which is covered with loose folds of skin leads to their deep chest and muscular body.  Long powerful legs lead to huge round feet.  The fur of a Giant Maso Mastiff is sleek and short but also shiny.  Common colors for this breed are black, gray, fawn, apricot, and many brindle variations.

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A true “Gentle Giant,” the Giant Maso Mastiff is loving and affectionate.  Family is the top priority for this dog that needs lots of attention.  Good with other dogs and a loving companion for children, this big dog may be intimidating but only wants love.  Training is easy for this intelligent breed that is not at all stubborn.  This breed will guard the family but is not aggressive; they just bark to warn their family of danger. 

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27-30 inches
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130-200 pounds
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General Health

The Giant Maso Mastiff is a rare breed so not much is known about their health concerns.  Their life expectancy is approximately 10-12 years.

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Efforts to improve breeds are often quite common and typically result in entirely new breeds.  Such is the case with the Giant Maso.  This breed was started in 2001 in an attempt to create mastiffs with fewer health problems and greater longevity.  They were created by breeding an Old English Mastiff and a Cane Corso Italiano.

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The Giant Maso Mastiff does not require much grooming.  They do to be brushed occasionally and wiped down with a towel to remove any dirt from their coats.  Baths are only needed when they actually get dirty.  Exercise is important to keep any dog healthy, but the Giant Maso Mastiff is really not an active dog.  A short walk every day or longer walks a couple times a week will keep them healthy.

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Ideal Environment

The Giant Maso Mastiff is a friendly dog that will do well in many living environments.  Wonderful with all people and other dogs, this breed is perfect for families, even ones with children.  Since this breed is fairly lazy, not much room is needed indoors or outdoors, so apartments or houses with no yard are both suitable.  Families with little time to exercise a dog can still add this wonderful breed to their home because short walks every couple of days will keep them fit and happy.  Giant Maso Mastiffs are perfect for a quiet elderly couple or a young active family as long as they receive plenty of love and attention.

The Maso will require 2-3 years to reach adulthood. It will often remain playful and as energetic as a young puppy during this time.

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Never owned a mastiff before. I have a german shepherd now. I have fallen in love with the mastiff and am doing research to find the best one for me. Is a giant Maso a better breed for a family with small children than an american mastiff? Also, do many of them slobber? I know some slobber, but wonder what is the likelihood of them inheriting the slobber gene.

The Giant Maso Mastiff is a perfect choice for a family dog. They absolutely adore small children and are very protective of their family. They are considered "gentle giants" and they are very affectionate and easy-going. I would absolutely recommend a Giant Maso Mastiff. They do not slobber much at all, only after eating and drinking. I hope this helps! Good Luck! Giant Maso Mastiff Lover P.S. My Giant Maso Mastiff is pictured below, her name is Molly and she is the one laying in the bed with the big orange bone toy.


On average how much bigger are male giant maso mastiffs compared to an old english mastif? I am looking for the largest affectionate dog i can find that is still good with children.

About the same or some even bigger, My Maso from Thunderheart Farm is about 170 lbs at 1 year old lean and muscular.


Where can I get a giant maso mastiff? I have been looking all over and haven't found any! I would love to own one if only I can find one.


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