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I have a 10 week old puppy and he is pretty calm for the most part, but today was his first day at work with me and he played for a little bit, but he mainly slept most of the day he's been asleep for the better part of the end of the day too. He played a little bit for an hour and a half maybe but he unleashed on the cats lol. How much should he be sleeping all day? He's been sleeping quite at bit at home, but he plays a lot when he wakes up. Will this change when he starts to get more used to my office? I assumed he probably was more calm than usual because it was nice and toasty in there and whenever it's warm, he just passes out. It's usually freezing in our apartment when he's out and about. Thanks for any feedback!

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I've had BTs for 30 years, they can play hard and sleep hard. I wouldn't be too concerned about their sleeping after all he's a growing boy. Soon, he won't slow down until he reaches 2 years old. It sounds like he's a comfortable chap. They are quick learners and so easy to train. They love to please. I just wish I coule take mine too work. I'll just settle for a couple pictures and a statue or two.

My three year old plays like a crazy monkey some days and sleeps like a lazy cat some days. Don't worry. He's like all other BT's, plus he's still a baby and needs his naps to grow.

Trust me, you'll miss the quiet nap times of yesteryear right around 6 months and then your on a wild ride! Enjoy becuase they are comedians!

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